Jesus is coming soon
We focus on preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the imminent return of Christ. We also teach about the amazing subject of Bible Prophecy.


Watch our Bible Prophecy programs on our Afrikaans and English Youtube channels. We unpack Bible prophecies pertaining to the end times, the rapture, the second coming of Christ and the Millennial Kingdom. We share this blessed hope and encourage the Bride of Christ to stand firm until He comes to fetch us.
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Countdown to Christ Ministries

Countdown to Christ Ministries is an Evangelical Christian ministry organization, based in South Africa and affiliated with the Lamb and Lion Ministries in Dallas, Texas
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Recent Posts

What is the Message of Bible Prophecy?

By Marko Kiroglu I recently had a conversation with someone who loves the Lord and who reads the Bible on a regular basis. During our conversation, this person told me that they thought of Bible prophecy and the end times as a fearful subject. That it's difficult to deal with and that they don’t want […]

Sin, salvation & sanctification

By Marko Kiroglu SALVATION & JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH Justification in the presence of God and salvation from the consequences of our rebellious and sinful nature is the need of every person. In Romans 7 Apostle Paul reminds us that all of humanity struggles with a sinful nature. Paul was one of the most learned men […]

Meet the Evangelists

Marko Kiroglu
Marko Kiroglu (Founder)
Raymond Lombard
Raymond Lombard
Naas Van Tonder
Naas Van Tonder
Vidius Ferreira
Vidius Ferreira
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What we do

We preach the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the amazing blessed hope of Bible prophecies at our home church, Die Kruishuis, in Cape Town, South Africa.

We reach out to nations across the world with our regular Bible Prophecy programs on our Youtube channel: Prophetic Countdown.

We minister to our Afrikaans audience through our regular weekly Afrikaans Bible Prophecy programs on our Afrikaans Youtube channel: Bybelprofesie.

We also make our expertise and ministries available to other churches and Christian home-groups. You are welcome to invite Pastor Marko to minister at your church or home cell group.
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Our Story

In 2003, God called our founder Marko Kiroglu to equip and empower His Church. This specific calling and love for the followers of Jesus Christ are the reasons why this ministry began in 2009.
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Important Messages

Hebrew Roots Movement

Should Christians observe Jewish festivals and traditions?
Is the Hebrew roots movement a Biblical pattern of life for followers of Christ?
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Partner with us

With your continued support & partnership, we can continue to preach God’s word more effectively and reach more people. Your involvement is important to us. We highly value our partnerships with like-minded Christian individuals, churches and organisations. Over the years, God used these partnerships to enable us to fulfill our calling. If you feel God is calling you to get involved in this ministry, please contact us.
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Stand, Cape Town, South Africa
Invite Pastor Marko to your church or home group. He's a prolific teacher on Bible Prophecy with a sound Biblical understanding of Middle Eastern Politics.

Be blessed and empowered by his ministry.

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