ANC enroute to head on collision with God!

by Marko
ANC enroute to head on collision with God!

On 7 April 2019, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu confirmed South African Government’s determination and the ongoing process of downgrading the South African Embassy in Israel to a liaison office.

This very sad development is the result of many long years of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel policies of the ruling party, ANC. As a nation our relationship with Israel is a not a minor political matter but a matter of life or death and needs to be considered seriously.

When considering South Africa’s relations with Israel, there are some sobering facts that we have to look into:

South Africa needs Israel more than Israel needs South Africa

Unfortunately, under the ANC rule this once powerful country has been successfully plundered and transformed into a shipwreck. Today, South African economy is almost bankrupt, there is no sufficient electricity in the nations power grid, recurring water crisis across the nation, unemployment is at arming levels, the infrastructures of the country are falling into pieces, education and healthcare services are near bankrupt, army and police services are ineffective, crime, violence and corruption became the new way-of-life in South Africa under ANC leadership. Since 1995 nearly a million well trained and skillful South Africans left South Africa, not being able to see a future for themselves in this rapidly deteriorating country. In 2015 alone around a thousand major investors and millionaires left South Africa, carrying away their money and investments and further deteriorating our collapsing economy. Thus, today South Africa is on the verge of a collapse, unless God intervenes.

Israel on the other hand is a beacon of light to the nations. She has impressively developed and became one of the most powerful countries of the world. Today, Israel is globally recognised as a leader in digital technologies. Cellphones and internet technology is where it is today because of many Israeli inventions and development in this field. Israel has also became a world leader in water solutions, harvesting around 80% of their drinking water from the sea at their massive desalination plants and recycling around 90% of their used water. Israel is also a world leader in agricultural technologies and farming. Israeli citizens are enjoying gradually increasing quality of life and every day more and more skilled people from all over the world immigrate to Israel to start a better life. In spite of her tiny size, Israel attracts many international investors from all over the world. Israeli universities are among the best in the world. Israeli doctors are developing life saving treatments and finding cures to sicknesses. Israeli hospitals provide world class treatments and health care. Israel is known to be the only true democracy in the Middle East. Israel is not any more a small country to bully, she is a super power to be reckoned with.

No doubt that more, much more than Israel might need South Africa, we need Israel. We are not in a place to pressure Israel in favour of her enemies. We need Israel as our friend and ally.

Friendship with Israel will bring God’s blessings while hostility with Israel will make us an enemy of God

Around 80% of the South African population is Christian. Percentage wise, South Africa is still one of the most Christian nations in the world. As a Christian nation, we all ought to know what God says in the Bible concerning Jewish people and our relationship with them.

Let me just summarise what God says:

1 – Jews are God’s chosen people (Deut 7:6-8).

2 – God will bless the nations that maintain a good relationship with Israel and bless them. But God will curse the nations that curse Israel or that stand against them (Gen 12:1-3).

3 – Israel is very special to God, like the apple of His eye. Whoever or whatever nation aims to harm Israel in any way they will find themselves fighting against God (Zec 2:8).

History is our witness that no nation that stood against Israel has lived to tell us about their victories. Every nation or every individual that tried to stop, kill or annihilate Jews disappeared in disgrace. But the Jews rose out of the ashes victoriously over and over again. It is because the God of the Bible is their protector and their watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (Ps 121:4).

Nearly 80 years ago Hitler and his Nazi party decided to turn their nation of Germany against Jews with the aim of annihilating them. But no matter how hard they tired, they could not annihilate God’s people, although they killed 6 million Jews and caused incalculable damage. Out of the ashes of Nazi furnaces, Jews rose victoriously. Furthermore, God opened the gates of the promised land to the Jewish people right after Hitler’s attempt to annihilate them. At the end, Hitler and his Nazi party disappeared in total disgrace. Today they are nowhere to be found and their names are used as curse words all over the world. The nation of Israel, however, lives and flourishes in their eternal homeland. As we say in Hebrew “Am Yisrael Chai” (Israel lives).

Stand with Israel

God will continue to bless and prosper Israel with or without South Africa. The war of Psalm 83 will take place soon and God will bless Israel with a big victory yet again and Israel will invade the lands of her enemies, resulting in a greater and stronger Israel. God does not need Ramaphosa or the ANC or even the nation of South Africa to do all that. But we, as a nation, desperately need God and God’s chosen people Israel on our side. We are a broken, plundered and looted nation. We need God’s protection and grace every hour. Our country is stricken with all kinds of violence, evil and wickedness. We need God’s healing touch and blessings to survive the day. Cursing Israel, boycotting Israel, closing down our embassy in Tel Aviv in an attempt to support the enemies of Israel will only make our predicament worse.

Let us rather do what God asks of us. Let us bless the nation of Israel and do good to them. Let us be on their side and on the side of God. Instead of closing down our Embassy in Tel Aviv, let us move it to Jerusalem.

As for me and my house we will stand with Israel. If you also stand with Israel, make your voice heard. Do not condone with your silence what our government is doing.

In less then a months time, when you go to the ballot boxes, do not vote for politicians and political parties that stand against God and His chosen people. Rather vote for Christian politicians who stand with Israel.