Muslim refugees open their hearts to Jesus like never before

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Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis, many Christians have reported on how open the hearts of some Muslim refugees are to the Gospel. Some have even said that Syrian refugee camps are becoming God’s paradise as many Muslim refugees began to seek Jesus and positively respond to the Gospel.

Reading all these reports is encouraging and also motivates us to get involved in what God is busy doing among these people. However, this encouragement and desire to get involved becomes much more powerful once one actually goes and sees what God is doing there with one’s own eyes. Recently, we visited some of the Syrian refugees in the country of Turkey. Although, they were provided with the basic necessities, such as a basic flat to stay, medical treatment etc, these people are still refugees in a foreign country and they long for the beautiful life they had in their own country. They have all suffered a great deal, many of them lost loved ones, some lost father, mother and children. All of them were forced out of the land which they once called home. Children have no schools any more, parents have no jobs any more, mothers have no familiar neighbours and they have no home country any more. We learned that there are more than 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey alone most of whom are Muslims. When we visited some of these refugees in their homes, I was surprised to see how eager they were to hear about Jesus. As I shared my testimony, they were all listening carefully. I could see on their faces that they were thoughtfully pondering on every word I uttered. Personally, I have never seen Muslim people being so open to the Gospel and so eager to hear about Jesus. When I began to pray for the family that we were visiting, suddenly the door was opened and some other Muslim refugees stepped in and asked that we pray for them also. About ten minutes later the door was opened once again and few more Muslim refugees came in and asked that we pray for them too. In one of the refugee homes we visited, the father of the family could hardly hear anything as he has completely lost hearing in one ear and can only hear partially with the other ear. Additionally, one of the small daughters of the family was unable to speak as she had been beaten badly by an older boy. So we prayed for the father and the daughter that Jesus may heal them. The next day, we learned that the father began to hear normally and the daughter began to speak. On that day, as we were praying for this father and his daughter, another Muslim refugee lady came into the room, sat down and asked that we pray for her, her husband and her children. While were still praying for her, yet another lady entered the room. When we finished praying, this lady who had stepped into the room last, expressed that she wanted to know more about Jesus and worship Jesus. I could see the serious resolve on her face, in her voice tone and in the tears in her eyes. I was completely shocked and blown away with the fact that God blessed me with the privilege of witnessing how God is working among these people. It was also very humbling to see that God blessed me and our small team with the privilege of praying for these people and sharing with them about Jesus.

God is at work! Will you get involved?

We have many times read about how God works even (shall I rather say “especially”) in the midst of chaos, suffering and pain. Many of us have even witnessed how God used our own suffering, pain and the chaos in our own lives to draw us closer to Himself. Throughout church history we can see how God used national scale chaos and suffering to draw the nations to Himself and to bring about His heavenly plans. I believe God is now using the crises, chaos and suffering in the Middle East to draw millions of people to Himself. In the light of this great move of God, the question we need to ask ourselves is this: What can I do, how can I get involved in what God is already doing? We should not only tell God to bless what we are busy doing. Rather, we should ask God how we can get involved in what He is busy doing. Ultimately, He is the King. It is His Kingdom, His salvation, His plans and His people. We are only servants who are blessed with the privilege of getting involved in what He is already busy doing. I challenge you to seriously contemplate this. Will you make use of this great opportunity and privilege and get involved in what God is already doing?

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