What is wrong with halaal?

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In a country like South Africa, where majority of the population is Christian, a nationwide halaal food regulation constitutes some major problems: (1) It robs people their free access to non-halaal food, thus it is illegal as it denies people freedom of choice, (2) it forces Christians to buy and consume food offered to a foreign god (an idol), which is a major sin according to the Bible, (3) it makes it almost impossible for Christian farmers and businessmen to survive in the market place unless they also join the halaal trade, even if they do not wish to do so, and (4) it robs the entire population of South Africa of their hard earned money without their consent. All these monies collected by Muslims through halaal trade are used exclusively to enrich Muslims and spread Islam. 

Spreading Islam includes the funding of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world, like the car ramming in Europe, Israel, and the United States, war against Israel, and the education of people into the extremist forms of Islam with violence and fear like the Chibok girls abduction in Nigeria.

Therefore, a wide-spread halaal trade is a serious crime against our nation.

What is halaal food?

Halaal food is food offered to Allah (the Muslim god) and certified by Muslims as such for financial gains. All the monies that are generated from the halaal certification of goods and services are used by Muslims to promote Islam. From the Islamic point of view, some Muslims may suggest that halaal food is permissible food for Muslims and that they certify goods and services to make them permissible for Muslims. Or, they may even argue that they only certify goods and services which are permissible by their god. Of course, the Muslim minority in South Africa, which is only about 2% of our population, is free to offer their own food to their god as they wish. However, it becomes problematic when this Muslim minority attempts to halaalize the entire food and beverage industry of our country in a sneaky way, by deceiving millions, for a financial gain for Muslims only.

Can Christians eat halaal food?

The simplest and most uninformed answer to this question would be yes, because Christ has set us free and we can freely eat anything as long as we pray over it. Some Christians might even quote Apostle Paul’s teaching on 1 Corinthians 8 in favour of this answer.

However, the question of halaal food in our current South Africa with its Christian majority population is not that simple. It is important to note that Paul was writing to a Christian minority in a pagan majority society. Due to the pagan majority of that society, most meat in the market place was already offered to idols. The Christian minority could not do much about it. Thus, Paul could say what he said. Therefore, Apostle Pauls teachings on eating food offered to idols do not correspond with our reality and do not sanction the halaal food or halaal trade in South Africa.

In our current South Africa however, most of the farmers and businessmen that produce and sell our food are Christians. From a Biblical point of view, it is just not right for Christian farmers and businessmen to offer their produce to idols for the sake of more business. The God of the Bible says that He is a jealous God and we are to worship Him only and no other gods or idols (Ex 20:5; 34:14).

These Christian farmers and businessmen, rely on the grace and provision of the God of the Bible for their farms and businesses. They pray for rain, good business etc., so they can produce, sell and do well in life. However, soon after they receive from God what they have prayed for, their produce is offered to Allah, by making it halaal certified. Of course many of our Christian farmers and businessmen do this for the sake of getting more customers and doing more business. However it is not right. It is a detestable evil act before our God.

On the other hand, there are many Christian farmers and businessmen in our country who understand the grave sin that halaalization of their products will bring upon them. Thus they do not want to be part of the halaal trade. Sadly many such faithful Christian farmers and businessmen are bullied and forced into the halaal trade by Muslim halaal organizations and also already heavily halaalized market system in South Africa. Once again they are robbed of their freedom to honour and worship their own God, in their own country, in their business.

Most of the consumers in our country are also Christian and do not want to eat halaal food. Furthermore, it is not Biblically right for Christian majority to silently condone halaalization of the entire market place where the producers, seller and buyers all mostly Christian but the products are offered to an idol to enrich Muslims and promote their religion, including terrorism, with the money of Christians. Some liberal Christians argue that Christians can eat halaal food and Christian businesses can join halaal trade, and that is not sin. However the Biblical truth is the exact opposite of such a statement. Please pay attention to what our Almighty God says here:

“You shall fear only the LORD your God; and you shall worship Him and swear by His name. “You shall not follow other gods, any of the gods of the peoples who surround you, for the LORD your God in the midst of you is a jealous God; otherwise the anger of the LORD your God will be kindled against you, and He will wipe you off the face of the earth. (Deut 6:13-15, NASB)

In the light of the above statement and the context of our beloved country South Africa, I want to answer the question of “Can Christians eat halaal food?” The answer is – No, because it does not honour our God. No, because our God is a jealous God and He wants us to worship and honour Him and Him alone, not the gods and idols of people that are among us. No, because, offering our food to idols and then eating food offered to idols will have destructive implications for us as our God has warned us.

What is Halaal Trade?

Halaal trade is a double edged sword in the hands of Muslims against the rest of humanity. It is cleverly devised and cunningly structured to Islamise non-Muslim nations and while deceitfully making them pay for the expenses of Islamisation, including jihad (Islamic terrorism). It is used by Muslims to raise the much needed funds for their Islamisation efforts, from their target people, the non-Muslims. According to Pakistan based Halal Research Centre halaal trade and Islamic finance are the two aspects of the same phenomenon (http://www.halalrc.org/presentations.php.). It is not limited to South Africa. Halaal trade is a global problem. If it is left alone to grow in size until it dominates  the entire economy, (this is the vision of Muslims) it will make it impossible for any business to operate without halaal certification and impossible for consumers to find anything in the shops that is not offered to the Muslim god. That will also mean an incredible profit for Muslim, as they will tax all businesses and all consumers all over the world on a daily basis. All people will be taxed by Muslim to fund Islam every time they buy or sell. And that will also mean an endless flow of money to the spread of Islam and Islamic terrorism.

How does it work?

When a butcher agrees to get halaal certification he will pay the royalties and the certification fee, he will also pay Muslims to come, inspect, pray over and do whatever they require to be done for halaalization of the meat. Of course, as a businessmen, this butcher will have to cover all his business expenses. Thus he will have to re-adjust the price of the product to get back the monies he had paid to Muslims. At the end of the day, all the costs of halaalization will be paid by consumers.

Today, across South Africa most of the food and beverage products at the shops, even some hotel and guest house services as well as the food served in some hospitals are all halaal certified. In other words, all South Africans are forced by a Muslim minority to pay a hidden tax to finance Islamisation. All South Africans, from the President to the jobless poor of the poor on the street, all South Africans are forced to pay this hidden Islamic tax. The most tragic part of this reality is that there are many unemployed, poor people in this country, even them are forced to finance Islam through the halaal trade system.

Halaal trade in South Africa began in 1940s with only one halaal organisation, since then it expanded to many such organisations, covering about 80% of the food industry (MJC). Today there are at least four major halaal trade companies in SA. It seems that the most aggressive level of halaal trade in South Africa is seen in Cape Town where even the provincial hospitals are forced to serve halaal food (Meyer 2016) and the local authorities are eager to build a halaal park. (Mtyala 2016)

Halaal trade is the new religious apartheid in South Africa that Muslims are busy implementing to enrich themselves and spread their religion. It must be stopped.

Do you remember the slave trade of old times. It was evil and it had to be stopped. By God’s grace and by the hard-work of a handful of righteous Christians, the slave trade was abolished once for all. Just like that, halaal trade is also evil and has to be stopped. There is a lot that you can do to make a difference. There is a lot that you can do to stop halaal trade once for all.

What can you do?

1) Get out of halaal trade: if you are a businessmen or farmer or if you are in any way involved in halaal trade, just get out immediately. It is evil and no Christian should take part in it. Get out!

2) Boycott halaal trade: If you are only a consumer, try not to buy halaal products, boycott the businesses that sell halaal, and encourage Christian businesses to get out of halaal trade. Support businesses that do not join the halaal trade.

3) Make your voice heard: Write to the newspapers, speak to the media, complain to the businesses, complain to the consumer protection organizations. Let everyone, especially the businesses know that halaal trade is evil and you do not want to buy halaal products. Make use of the social media as well as, radio stations, newspaper, tv programs and journalists. Ask them to do research and investigation to the nature of halaal trade so that they themselves will find and see how evil this trade system is.

4) Complain to the Government: Our government has a commitment and service to protect and preserve our religious freedom and rights. This work is mainly done by “The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (The CRL Commission). Please take a few minutes to lodge a complaint against halaal trade at the CRL Commission’s web site. Here is the link: http://www.crlcommission.org.za/complaints.html.

5) Pray: Our most powerful weapon to demolish all evil is prayer. Pray that halaal trade in our country be abolished once for all. Pray in your personal prayer times. Pray at your church meetings. Pray at your home groups. Pray that our Almighty God shall intervene and demolish this evil trade system.

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